At Leah Ashlee Therapy, the focus is on delivering high-quality physical therapy dedicated to the needs of aging adults. As a woman-owned small business, Leah Ashlee brings a personal touch to her practice, ensuring each client receives individualized care and support throughout their therapy journey. Here you’ll discover the steps Leah has outlined for new clients to commence their path to vitality and wellness.

Starting Your Therapy Journey with Leah

Choosing Leah Ashlee Therapy is the first step towards improved health and mobility. Leah guides you through every stage from the moment you decide to seek her expert care.

Step 1
Connecting with Leah

To arrange your comprehensive initial assessment, please contact Leah at 443-618-7716 or submit a request through the online Appointment Form. Leah or her assistant will personally help schedule an appointment that fits into your lifestyle.

Step 2
Your Personal Assessment

Leah's approach begins with a one-on-one evaluation. Here, she explores your medical history, present physical challenges, and goals. Leah emphasizes the importance of bringing any significant medical documents or referrals with you to your appointment.

Step 3
Personalized Treatment Plan

Leah believes in the power of a customized plan. After your assessment, she will design a treatment regimen specifically tailored to your physical and functional goals, providing you with clear direction and focus.

Step 4
Ongoing Personal Support

Throughout your treatment, Leah offers one-on-one care. She ensures that as you progress through your plan, adjustments are made when necessary, all with the intent of optimizing your physical therapy experience.

Preparing for Your Initial Appointment

Leah invites you to come prepared for a productive and comfortable first session. Aim to arrive 15 minutes early to address any last-minute formalities. Do not forget to carry the following items:

Welcome to Leah Ashlee Therapy

Insurance and Payment Information

Leah Ashlee Therapy is a self-pay practice that does not participate in Medicare or accept any private insurance. Leah believes this allows her to provide the best and most personalized care without the limitations often imposed by insurance providers. She accepts all forms of payment including cash, checks, and credit/debit cards to make transactions as convenient as possible for you.

What You Can Expect as a New Client

When you opt for Leah Ashlee Therapy, look forward to:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a physician's referral for Leah’s services?

No referral is required since Leah operates on a self-pay basis. This allows you the freedom to seek and schedule therapy according to your personal needs.

Comfort and function are key. Choose loose, flexible clothing that facilitates movement and provides Leah access to the parts of your body she will be working with.

Each session is a full 60 minutes. 

This is tailored to each individual. Leah will make a recommendation based on your goals and how you respond to the initial sessions.

Get in Touch

Begin your journey to better physical health with Leah Ashlee Therapy today. Here’s how you can reach out:

Leah is committed to working side by side with you to reach a future full of movement, strength, and confidence.