Free Phone or Virtual Consultation

When you schedule a free consultation you’ll have the opportunity to explain your issue/pain and I can help determine whether physical therapy is the right option for you, or if your symptoms are more serious and warrant the need to seek further treatment from a physician. You can leave your consultation with a better idea of what you’re facing, and possible steps to resolve the issue. You may also be given a few exercises to try out at home to see if things get better.

Benefits of a Free Physical Therapy Consultation:

  • No obligation! This is a casual, no cost conversation where we talk about what’s bothering you and determine the next best steps.
  • Fast and easy: Everything is virtual and can be done same day! I’ll save you the time and cost of having to visit an alternative healthcare provider first.
  • If I believe you’d benefit from physical therapy, neuro therapy, massage, or personal training, I will let you know how to get started.
  • Low commitment: Many issues can be fixed, leaving you pain free, in just a few sessions. You don’t always have to commit to multiple times per week, sometimes one or two visits is all it takes.
  • Insight: if I do recommend that you seek additional treatment from a doctor, you can go into the appointment with some background information on the potential cause of your pain.

Leah has always and continues to provide excellent care for clients.

Blaine T.

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