Patient Information


No. Maryland is a “Direct Access” state meaning there are NO restrictions or limitations whatsoever for treatment absent a referral

It is not required. However, I always encourage communication between all of your health care providers  to ensure that we are all working as a TEAM to get you back to your healthiest and happiest self.

I am happy to reach out for you, if needed. 

Let schedule a time to chat! Click here to submit a contact form and I will reach out to you within 24 hours.
Each visit begins with a conversation about your medical history, concerns and reasons you may be seeking services. I will conduct a thorough evaluation and make recommendations based on what is discovered! Each session is custom tailored to your specific needs encompassing all of my various specialties!
  • Consults are always FREE!
  • $100 per In-Home Physical Therapy Visit
  • $75 for Virtual Physical Therapy Assessments
  • $50 per Virtual Follow-Up Visit

I accept insurances for in-person visits only on a case-by-case basis. 

All virtual services are cash-based due to the limitations in the ability to bill for Telehealth Physical Therapy services at this time.

I do provide each patient with a Health Insurance Claim Form for them to submit to their insurance independently for reimbursement. 

Before Your First Visit

Make a list of any questions that you have, to make the best use of your time with your therapist​.
Write down any symptoms that you’ve been having and for how long. If you have more than one symptom, begin with the one that is the most bothersome to you. For example: better or worse with certain activities or movements or with certain positions, such as sitting or standing? More noticeable at certain times of day? Relieved or made worse by resting?
Write down key information about your medical history, even if it seems unrelated to the condition for which you are seeing the physical therapist. For example: make a list of all prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements that you are taking, any important personal information, including any recent stressful events, injuries, incidents, or environmental factors that you believe might have contributed to your condition, and any medical conditions of your parents or siblings.
If available, bring any lab, diagnostic, or medical reports from other health care professionals that may be related to your medical history or who have treated you for your current condition.
Bring a list of the names of your physician and other health care professionals that you would like your physical therapist to contact regarding your evaluation and your progress.

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