Getting to Know Me


Leah Zinnert, PT, DPT, CPT, CSCS
LSVT BIG and BIG for LIFE Certified Clinician

That is a lot of letters, isn't it? I thought so too.

What they basically means is that I am a Physical Therapist that can help you during your recovery - and AFTER too! I specialize in helping patients gain and maintain their desired level of health and wellness once they are done their official rehab process.

Imagine having ONE person that knows and deeply understands ALL of your injuries and dysfunctions, knows how to best heal and optimize all of those things, and pushes you past your limits to live the healthier, limit-free lifestyle you're looking for.

With me, your care will always be personalized and seamless - from my clinic to your home and beyond!

I am very passionate and experienced with working with patients with Parkinson's Disease, Movement Disorders and Geriatrics. I am involved in several community programs locally and nationally and offer consulting services to other clinicians who are looking to increase their knowledge and build their toolbox of treatment techniques!

There is an ideal program for everyone - sometimes it just takes knowing the right person to refer you!

Physical Therapy - Leah Ashlee Therapy and Wellness

My Mission...
 Help more clients transition from
Healing to THRIVING!

From the moment I became a PT I knew that I wanted to do more …

I wanted to fill those gaps in our healthcare system between a patient recovering and a patient really getting back to feeling like themselves again.

I wanted to make it more customized, connected and personal. 

Which is why I created Leah Ashlee Therapy and Wellness.

Being able to combine my passions for healthcare and leadership and to help inspire others to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves..
is my DREAM.

I knew the only way to live my dream, was to create this company. I need to create the vehicle that would allow me to make real, deep, and meaningful change and impact more lives.

And I'm so happy to finally be sharing it with you

Movement Disorder - Leah Ashlee Therapy and Wellness

Achieving ALL Your Goals

Blending all of my expertise to create personalized treatment programs that don’t just end when therapy is over!

Helping people heal. Helping people thrive.

People want to get better, faster while in therapy

People want education and guidance to continue to feel better after

People want to integrate these things into a healthy lifestyle

Advice you can trust with the credentials to back it up.

Wellness Coach - Leah Ashlee Therapy and Wellness
Wellness Coach - Leah Ashlee Therapy and Wellness

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