Specialized Physical Therapy + Personal Training Services for the Active Aging Adult on Kent Island

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Sign up now for a quick 15 minute meet and greet with Dr. Leah Zinnert. We use this session to get to know each other, allows me to quickly assess your needs. It is important to me to make sure we would be a good fit to work together and provide you all to proper tools to get you started on the right path!

Exceptional Therapy for an Exceptional Life

Discover what makes Leah Ashlee Therapy the preferred choice for adults seeking vitality.

Expert Care

Dr. Leah Zinnert's rich combination of physical therapy expertise and personal training insights means you receive care that’s not just effective but empathetic and personalized.

Focused Attention

Every session promises one-on-one attention, ensuring your path to wellness is both enjoyable and specifically aligned with your needs.

Lifelong Support

Our commitment to your health doesn’t end after a session. We strive to be partners in your journey to a better life, offering continuous support and guidance.

Physical Therapy

Expert physical therapy tailored for seniors. Regain mobility and strength for an active lifestyle, with compassionate, one-on-one care.

Personal Training

Customized personal training designed for the older adult. Stay fit, improve balance, and enhance energy with age-specific exercises.

Specialized Programs

Unique programs for the active aging community. Focus on longevity and wellness through targeted exercises and nutrition guidance.

The Process

Every session is 60 minutes completely one on one

Feel Better

Lets take a deep dive into why you found me in the first place. We will address any and all of the pains or difficulties you may be having and work specifically to improve them effectively and efficiently

Move Better

Assess and address any underlying movement issues that may have caused the pain or difficulty to develop in the first place. Working to get you doing back to what you love without anything popping up again down the road

Live Better

We will work to set you up on a plan that helps you now AND later. Whether that means weekly workouts together or monthly check ins. Once you're my client - you're in for life!

Welcome to Leah Ashlee Therapy

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Fitness Fridays!

Are you a Four Seasons Resident? Looking to familiarize yourself with the clubhouse gym or have a questions that you would like to ask Leah about a particular injury? 


Leah is at the Four Seasons Clubhouse every Friday from 10-4. Sign up for a FREE 15 minute consultation by clicking this link.